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Lyft Lux

Discussion in 'Lyft' started by Snowblind, May 19, 2017.

  1. Snowblind

    Snowblind Active Member

    Long Beach CA
    Anyone out there are doing Lyft lux?

    See if you qualify:

    Looks like my Car does...barely. lol.


    What is the deal about black Cars?
    I'd feel as comfortable in a Silver, white or red Car?

    Back in the 60's all Taxi's in Germany were black.
    Then, in the 70's they were all white.
    Now all colors are ok.
    What is the deal?

    Anyways, if you do Lyft lux, share your experience please.
  2. Skepticaldriver

    Skepticaldriver Active Member

    No deal whatsoever. Arbitrary hoops to jump through. Right now someone is spending a grand repainting their car black because it qualifies in every other regard. Someone else is getting a loan on a car to do lux because premier has been such a success. Just ask the uber lux and black guys how they like things now.

    Its like. Oh goodie gum drops. This rideshare thing keeps getting better now the companies are gracious enough to let ppl sign up with cars worth a fortune all to give someone a ride up the street.

    Theyll flood that market just like every other example. I remember when lyft convonced ppl to do the tricked out explorers for plus a while back. Ha

    A majority of the people picked up on either platform deserve to be in the back of a paddy wagon anyway.

    As for the rich rich. Theyre cheap af too. They still take low end rides or they get a professional limo type chaueffeur etc. this in between high end car with regular x type driver. Is a joke. Its like. Why.

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