Lyft losing up to $50 million a month


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Lyft Losing as Much as $50 Million a Month, President Confirms

Reports have surfaced that Lyft is losing up to $50 million a month — Bloomberg reported that Lyft promised its investors to cap losses at that amount. But Zimmer put a slightly different spin on that high figure. When asked about it Monday, he said: “I would use the word ‘investing,’ ”

Also of interest, re: competing with Uber

What will set Lyft apart is its better treatment of drivers and fast response times, Zimmer told the audience. He added that when taxis are driven by robots, leveling the playing field as far as response times and price, the service Lyft provides will make the company stand out.


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The "rideshat" companies always lose money. They are not profitable at all. It's why there always trying to get funding. If nobody funded them. They would be out business tomorrow. You can't subsidize rides by giving bonuses to riders and drivers. It doesn't work like that. They'll be going the way of sidecar.