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Lyft lie, number .... I forgot, there's so many

Discussion in 'Lyft' started by Mista T, Dec 30, 2017.

  1. How is the amp going to help make more money? Looks like more false advertising in an attempt to manipulate people ... again.

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    Passengers find you = the Amp saves us money on our advertising budget, and we need to recoup the costs of sending it to you in the first place. Please keep your Amp lit, even though your earnings are not.

    Show their appreciation in high ratings = a psychological mind f*** that’s designed to make you try harder, even though you’ve done nothing wrong. And everytime you send us an email with your rebuttal to a rating, we know we’ve got you right where we want you (you’re still brainwashed).

    Show their appreciation in tips = this helps us by keeping the amount of rides we give you to a minimum. Accordingly, any rides we don’t have to give you are used to pay for new drivers. And since there’s no difference between us and Uber, the company with the most drivers wins.

    Your earnings booster = this really isn’t a booster at all. It’s just labeled that way so passengers won’t forget we exist, even though most drivers have already forgotten us.

    I slammed mine into the pavement and threw it away about a week after I got it.

    Want more dirty deets on Lyft? Click on my Trump Economics Avatar and scroll to the Information/About me section of my uberpeople.net page.
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  3. Leo1983


    Los Angeles
    Lol they have nothing left to offer drivers. So they are boasting about the stupidest ****.

    No no no. Dude I have mine on, I don’t do Lyft anymore. But here in LA cops will let you get away with murder if you have it.
  4. New2This


    DC Area
    You should've saved it and put it on Ebay.

    What threshold do you need to hit to get one? I don't particularly want one, as I don't even put up Uber or Lyft stickers unless doing airports. No fornicating way am I having something that ungodly ugly in my car.

    If the rider's not bright enough to find me by make/model and license number of the car, then they deserve to be shuffled.
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  5. I think it’s 100 rides. I would’ve sold it on E-Bay, but I strongly believe in making the world a better place, and that means less Lyft Amps on display.
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  6. DrivingForYou


    Los Angeles
    It's 250 rides.

    As a passenger I like them as it makes the car easier to find in a dense area like Hollywood.

    As a driver it's just another thing I need a USB port for....
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  7. I put mine up for sale on eBay
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  8. I made a Uber/Lyft sign for my tablet that I put my license plate number. Seems to REALLY help, pax can see my number in the app, but can't read it off my plates, but can read it from a sign in my windshield *shrug* [​IMG]

    That is the image I use, but my license number is under the word uber, with bright orange highlight around it. not doing the amp, other drivers say it makes annoying noises.
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  9. I just got mine shipped to me and you can borrow it if you want, since yours isn’t working right. Lemme know.
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  10. Dropking


    Sf bay area
    Too showy, like flashing a rollex on a first date. Besides, pink makes people look like pus*ies.
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  11. Ms. Collette

    Ms. Collette

    Mine is still in the box. What's it worth?
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  12. beezlewaxin


    $25 fast sale
    $40 eventual sale
    $60+ idiot sale
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  13. I couldn't believe what I saw while out last night on new years eve. A car with not one, but TWO Lyft AMPS. That is right... did you realize you could hook up two of these things and possibly DOUBLE your increased earnings potential!?!

    It instantly reminded me of this thread!

    Hey, actually that is a good idea, Finally something to use that usb port in my trunk for! (besides recharging my battery pack)
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  14. Leo1983


    Los Angeles
    The one thing I find funny is how stupid rideshare drivers are. It’s not that complicated to understand the proper and legal way of displaying your signs (amp stickers airport pass etc. )
    I mean the stickers now come with pictures of where they should go, I guess words were beyond most drivers understanding. But even with a diagram showing legal placement I still see them in the wrong spots.
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  15. Paid around minimum wage AND advertising for Lyft at the same time with a device that may in fact be illegal (extra lights pointed out of vehicle--I can't remember the details)? Pass.
  16. A sandwich at 7-Eleven.
  17. I never even heard about the jacket and I had 1500. Then they deactivated me lyft suck don't trust them
  18. WholesomeUber


    Southwest Florida
    Make & model?? Many pax are too dumb to know your car... As a non-Uber-user, what does Uber show the pax about the driver + car coming to you?

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