LYFT just opened at $87.24 w'in Seconds 11 million shares traded? Friday 3/29/19



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Lyft is trying with all its might to stay above$80, feel sorry for the poor retail saps who bought at the open, Any one interested in this LYFT, please wait a few days,JMO
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Up 20% EARLY!!!
after you take your first blink, its down 10% from 2 minute open,they roped in the retail saps. we saw the pump, now you'll get the dump, This is a total spec play, its for the big boys, This stock will be all over the map,JMO


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People who bought it are the same who will double down once the prices reaches to their liking. It will be dumped on news day. Stock should not be trading higher than $50 at the most. Most likely price is below $30


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Why you scared to buy in on an upswing? Just put your sell limit conservative to prevent a blowout.robinhood is a great app
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What I look forward to is if the public status changes the contractor (us) stance of the company at all
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