Lyft is way behind the game...


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Uber already implements the 6X Destination Filter about a month or so ago and only now does Lyft have it. At this point Lyft is only playing catch-up. For some DF users out there, I'm sure some of you could attest that being assigned DF rides are occasional and rare at best. With a saturation of drivers, Lyft trying to give you a ride on DF would work only if a passenger is really within the parameters of the route or destination set, and sometimes you have to wait upwards of over 10-minutes or so before Lyft logs you off because they can't "match" you with a ride.

This feature has little to no use just like the other Lyft features such as scheduled pick-ups and higher chance of ride location pins if it doesn't equate to actual rides and earnings on our pockets. It's simply a feature that is "just there" for sake of catching-up to Uber. Just another carrot to dangle for all of us...


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Well it was three, here, but they only counted if you received a ride during the use. Now you can "try" 6 times and that is it, regardless of whether you get a ride or not.

Also previously, once the timer expired on the DF, you could restart it, and restart it as many times as you wanted without losing access to the DF, now you use it 6 times and regardless of what happens it is gone.

Having a timer on this and forcing the driver offline after the time is the "wrong vision" for DF filters.

Lyft thinks that DF filters should "only" be used when you want going to a specific destination for purposes other than working with Lyft. Thus their vision is that you turn DF on when you want to go to a specific location. You leave DF on until it either finds a ride or the 15 minute timer expires. In either case, they do not expect you to go or be online at the destination, thus they always assume that if the DF is used you will be offline once you get to the destination.

Due to their vision this is why you lose your scheduled pickups if you use the DF within 65 minutes of the pickup time. Once it sees you using the DF it assumes you will be offline at the destination and not available for the pickup.

Uber has never had a timer on it's DF that I am aware of, and UNDERSTANDS the need for drivers to be able to use a destination filter to move around and "stay connected to their platform and serve their clients" in the process. Currently due to Lyft's lame implementation of their DF, I just log off Lyft and Uber my way back, and if Uber is feeding me decent riders, they stay on until I decide to Lyft again, thus they lose a driver on their network during that time. If they would FIX their DF and remove the timer, I most likely wouldn't turn Uber on again.

I used to do Lyft exclusively, but due to this new DF policy I find myself having to Uber again and with some of the changes Uber has made, don't mind driving for them again. If Uber would do to Pool what Lyft did to Line, I would probably start driving Uber Primary and Lyft as gap filler when needed.


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"Now you can "try" 6 times and that is it, regardless of whether you get a ride or not."

That's not actually how it works. Lyft has a stupid bug in it, whether they were doing 3 destinations or 6, that drivers should be made aware of. It works like this:

If you give one ride in destination filter mode and then sign off from Lyft, that fairly counts as one use of a destination filter. But if you sign back on later, Lyft retains the previous destination as a destination filter (unlike Uber). Now if you sign off again without giving another ride, Lyft counts this as a second usage of the destination filter even though you did not give another ride. And if you sign on again and off a third time, that is a third usage because you much much earlier gave that one ride. This is a bug. From a programming perspective, they are not "clearing" the variable that a ride was given after you sign off.

The way around this bug and the way to get full use of your destination filters is very simple. Before signing off while in destination filter mode, simply remove the destination filter first, then sign off. Now the variable will be cleared and you have full usage of your next destination filter. If you turn it on and off without actually giving a ride it does not count as a usage.

The fact that this bug has persisted for so long is really damning for their programming team and support staff who should be more knowledgeable about the mechanics of their app.

"Due to their vision this is why you lose your scheduled pickups if you use the DF within 65 minutes of the pickup time. Once it sees you using the DF it assumes you will be offline at the destination and not available for the pickup."

Yes, Lyft has implemented the scheduled pickups in a spectacularly clumsy fashion including this aspect. I started a whole thread on this topic.

"Uber has never had a timer on it's DF that I am aware of"

In the SF area, they have always had a timer on destination filter if you do not score a ride, something like 15 minutes to get that first ride. After that first ride, they have not timed out in my experience. UNTIL TWO DAYS AGO. Uber just began experimenting with timing out destination filters even after the first ride was given, literally beginning on Sunday. Something like 30 minutes which is a disastrous change if it sticks. This change was present all day Sunday and Monday morning too, but was gone Sunday afternoon.


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That's not actually how it works.

Yes it is true, that you can only "Try" 6 times.

Here is how it works where I am at...

  1. Set DF filter
  2. 15 minutes go by with no ride
  3. Lyft "forces" you offline and sends you a text message "Sorry...."
  4. DF is counted as used (regardless of ride given or not).
Thus you can "Try" again and set the DF again, but after doing that 6 times, you will get notice that you have used DF 6 times and to try again tomorrow.

Also, If you accidentally choose the wrong destination (if you have saved destinations, or enter wrong location) and cancel DF and set a new DF, it counts as a used DF regardless of how long it was enabled. I have experienced this once already.

Previously you could turn on the DF after it expires and takes you offline as many times as you wanted without any penalty of the DF as marked as being used. I have had days where I have used this upwards to 16 times. (since the DF is narrow minded and provides for very few rides here to begin with).

With Uber I can leave the DF on for well over an hour if needed and if no ride given, it is not considered as a used DF.

The whole timer thing is stupid, I can have a 2 hour ride back to my home area, and attempting to use the Lyft DF can cause all DF"s to be used on that trip back since they are only good for 15 minutes each.

Not to mention we are now supposed to be able to give rides "state wide" here in Florida, which means if I go to Orlando-Sandford airport, 3 hours away, it would be nice to turn DF on during the ride up or on the way back, and leave it on to try and catch any ride headed in the direction I am going. With the 15 minute time, and the fact it is considered "used" even if you don't get a ride, it is pointless, thus it get's turned off. (and Uber gets turned on)

With Uber, I don't get any timeouts or auto log-offs when using DF. On rare occasion it will ask if I want to stay online, to which I say yes, but it has no timer on it and will remain on until I turn it off. This is the way it should work.

As mentioned, the timer to me, is the biggest issue with the DF, and now with the fact it can only be "turned on" 6 times in one day, practically makes it useless for the times I wish to use it. Thus I will log off the Lyft platform and Uber my way back.