Lyft is screwing you out of cancelled fees


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I know... I know... we all know it’s happening. Here is my story.

“Just the facts ma’am”

“At 6:45pm EST I received a request a one pax by the user name of Linda located at the 2100 block of West Elm, as some 8 minutes from my current location at 6th and Main in downtown. I accepted the request and proceeded down 6th street heading north to the pickup location.”

“At 6:52pm EST while enroute I received one SMS from an unidentifiable phone number located from the city of San Francisco. I assumed said SMS message was from for hire ride service Lyft. I proceeded to read said SMS message.”

“At 6:53pm EST said SMS message said that rider named Linda had canceled ride.”

“I immediately checked IOS application for $5 cancellation fee. No fee, message displayed from app said driver had cancelled within five minutes and therefore no cancellation fee would be paid. Application informed me that this would not effect my acceptance rate. I sighed with relief and discust.”

“At 6:55pm EST I disputed said fare after noticing a six minutes had eplased as displayed within the Lyft application showing request time and cancellation time.”

“Upon pressing ‘Sumbit’ button on dispute. Application immediately notified me that because I was such a valuable driver that they would make an exception this time and pay me the $5 cancellation fee.”

“At 6:56pm EST I verified $5 was paid. It was as noted as a “BONUS”. Ride no longer appeared in application.”

“At 7:15pm EST I reviewed driver history for unpaid cancellation fares from previous days. No passenger cancellations appeared, although existed. Clearly Lyft is auto deleting passenger cancellations to discourage disputes.”

The story you just read was true. The names, places and times where changed to protect the innocent.


That is when I start accepting requests and never bother to pick up pax.I Accept the request and I'll just wait for the pax to cancel it. That is my way of punishing Lyft but I'm sorry for the rider.Can't help!!!