Lyft is doing the right thing


Yes, in the long run the rideshare business model will only function if drivers are retained. The unacceptably high turnover of drivers is not sustainable forever and it too costly. It is possible and probable that the strategy of doing more for drivers leading to greater retention is much more sustainable. Lyft may not have the passenger volume needed yet, but if it continues with its strategy it will since it will retain drivers better.


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Not too long ago, they were similar to Uber. They've become a lot more transparent and work with the drivers instead of ruling over us like we're peons.

They must have seen all the backlash Uber is getting and started to differentiate from their competitor.
Thanks, Lepke. I'm going to request my mentor ride with Lyft today. Been stalling as the rider demand has been so much lower that Uber but I believe the wind direction may be shifting.