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Lyft is being dishonest about the percentage of the fare they keep?


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It’s part off doing business. A frustrating part, but a reality of rideshare. Think if the scenario were turned around. What if we, as drivers, collected 100% and were responsible for reimbursing LYFT 20%. Further assume that this was based on a flat fare the customer is quoted. Mathematically, if the quoted fare was $10, but the ride ended with a payment of $20 (traffic delays, road construction, destination change, etc...), Would you reimburse LYFT $2 or $4? I am not defending LYFT or justifying their method. It is what it is.
There is nothing to justify no one should be paying more than they should be with upfront pricing and yes they are cheating drivers out of some primetime too. Its not okay and its a scam.