Lyft IPO price action thread


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Lyft should be trading here any second and Frankie plans on following the price action closely. I trade using interactive brokers, but you can easily follow the price on yahoo finance or Morningstar, among others. I believe shares will open at $72 giving the company a >$20B valuation. Where do you see the stock initially popping and where do you see it ending the day?




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I just logged into my Ally account they won't let me put in an order yet. Not that I am going to I just wondered if I could. Still shows it at $72.00
I don't believe it has begun trading yet. It was supposed to start trading an hour ago, but sometimes there are last minute hangups.


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Yeah, like people realizing it’s a scam. :rolleyes:
It is trading at a high multiple to sales at ~13x, but that is not an entirely unheard of valuation. Workday, Adobe, Autodesk all trade for 10-12x sales and Veeva Systems trades for 17.5x sales.
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Demand appears to be soft - price continues to trickle down towards $85.
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Just started trading up to 86.23 right now.
Shares continue to fade, down to $84. Where does the bleeding stop?
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All Techs IPO initially trade very high before completely crashing, is the instability that make then volatile and you wont see it’s real price till next year when I think it should be trading at ~50


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Live from my trading account (level 2). As you can see it’s up $9 from IPO price as of now but tanking hard. Unfortunately no options available. I’d love to get my hands on some juicy puts!


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Lyft huge disappointment after opening at $87 now trying to stay above $80. Not good for investor community ?
ROFLMAO, they delayed the opening so they could rope in some more retail saps so the big boys could take there $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ JMO, LMAO, Stay away from IPO's 1st 3 days,jmo


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Everyone knew the first hour would jump higher and after that first hour it will stabilize some. I suspect somewhere around 2-3 PM to see some heavy volume as it starts getting added to some big funds as part of the portfolio.