Lyft in Little Rock


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How is the business going for Lyft in Little Rock?

Any drivers who drive for Lyft mind telling me how you're doing?

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Yep .. Waiting on them myself .. Already signed up, and had no idea they where not here yet, but at least i only paid $26 for that car inspection that Uber wont accept ....
Lyft just put in their application to begin providing service in Arkansas on August 2nd of this year to the Transportation Board and PSC. Hopefully, they will be approved - they almost would have to be to prevent Uber from having a Monopoly in the state (think Lowes/Home Depot - you can't have one without the other dominating the market).

Go to KATV (a news channel) and search Lyft and Arkansas. Or Google Lyft and Arkansas, click news and it is like the first or second article titled "
Lyft wants to compete in Arkansas against ride-sharing rival Uber

(Platform won't let me post links yet)

AR ride share drivers should note the information in that article pertaining to obtaining a permit with the PSC (Public Service Commission) to be in compliance with state law. I just found this out myself and will be calling to see what I need to do on Monday.

Additionally, last week I found out that that to be in compliance with AR law you have to get an NCDL or "passenger" endorsement on your license. Cost me $10 and 30 minutes at my local DMV. It wasn't a great hardship for me but I'm in NWA. Little Rock may be a little more exacting being a "big" city and all.

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