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Lyft in Iowa?


So, Uber just came to limited cities in Iowa and I'm super new - a whopping 5 rides under my belt. Reading this and other information on the interwebs, lots of drivers say Lyft is better to them and/or they work both.

Anyone know if/when Lyft might come around here?
I doubt it will anytime soon. Lyft is much, much smaller than Uber and seems to be concentrated on major cities. I could see it maybe next year once the rideshare pool has grown substantially and there are enough experienced drivers available.


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Perhaps if Lyft would come to DsM, Uber would change rates. We need competition to make a buck.


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I would like to think that perhaps driving for Lyft would have better benefits. I'm not sure how many drivers there are. It doesn't make much a difference to me anyway since I am about to bag this job.
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