LYFT Guarantees


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We all know that LYFT is a complete joke here in CT. However last week and now this week they are offering guarantees. In typical LYFT fashion however they are not clear on what the payoff is. For instance Sat between 8pm and 11 pm the guarantee is $30. Unfortunately nowhere does it clearly state "per hour". Can anyone clear that up? Did anybody take part in last weeks guarantees?


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I did it last week.
The key word is average. For each hour they guarantee 30 they add the hrs and average it as long as have 2 trips in that hour it counts. So if you make 30+ in an hour the + goes toward the other hrs.
My 33/hr guarentee from 12-2 was screwed by a 2 hr trip to NYC. Got the call at 1:35. 4 hr round trip so the dead miles back killed my net pay.

But they did pay me 36 extra for the 8-12 30/hr guarentee period.

PS 50% of the time they don't even pay until you complain that you didn't get paid. The bonus calculation will show up by Tuesday in the app.

Don't forget about the 90% acceptance rate for the entire week.