Lyft guarantee/acceptance rate question

reg barclay

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I got a weekly guarantee from Lyft. It says that to qualify I need a "90% weekly acceptance rate", I assume this means that I need a 90% acceptance rate just for the week of the guarantee, is this correct? Also, is there a way to find out my acceptance rate for the current week, thanks.
Yes, that means 90% for the week. You can see your acceptance rate and your progress towards bonuses through the "earnings" tab. On my android, it's at the bottom of the open Driver Lyft app.

Also make sure you read all the fine print on the weekly guarantee. Mine is $1000 a week guarantee, but that's before Lyft commission and before rental payment. So after commission it's $750 and they include tips and bonuses in their calculations. For me it's really only a $570 a week guarantee after the rental payment.


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You can see all of that in driver dashboard (click upper left). It is current week only starting Monday 5am. (Uber week starts Monday 4am).