Lyft giving different answer each time I ask the same question


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So I didn't get any power zones this week and I emailed Lyft about it to ask them why on 3 different times since this morning.
Here are the response...

first time (I emailed them around 3am )
Lyft - Our systems are still updating,and you should see your power zones around 5am. If you don't, just contact us again.

second time (after 5 am) since I still don't see power zones
Lyft - Thanks for reaching out to us, the reason why you don't see power zones are because of technical difficulties and our engineers are working hard to fix the issue. This same issue has been reported to us by other drivers as well, so, please be patient while we fix the issue

Third time (12.30pm)
lyft - Power Zones are assigned by a system. Sometimes drivers don't get them, but plese check back next week to see if you got power zones....

Lyft is useless more than Rohit and the gang at Uber
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