Lyft gets Google sugar daddy


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The interesting part of this is riders tell me I perfer Lyft over Uber because they have better drivers. Really? In my market it is the same drivers for both Uber and Lyft. Not much demand for Lyft in my market and I highly doubt anyone is just driving for Lyft and not Uber unless Uber deactivated the driver. If that's the case, ummmmm Mr/Ms rider, good luck with the better Lyft driver.


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Lyft strategy is just to let Uber off itself it seems

"Lyft has gained market share this year as Uber has bent under a series of self-inflicted scandals. Uber faces at least three U.S. probes and several high-profile lawsuits. Dara Khosrowshahi, the former Expedia Inc. chief executive officer, took over as Uber’s new chief last week. He’s looking to complete a fundraising deal of his own: Uber is advancing on an investment from SoftBank Group Corp. and others of as much as $12 billion, most of which would allow existing shareholders to cash out."