lyft gave me a tease of their in-app GPS made by Google!


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I think it was really good! I don't know when they'll be fully functional but the tease was excellent. I think it was still in beta mode. I hope Uber gets their act together as well. So far Waze has stopped working for me. I'm not sure why this is. Is it because Google Maps is also installed in my phone? But Waze worked before even when Google Maps was installed in my phone (by default), but wasn't updated and was in beta form. Only recently I had to update it because Waze stopped syncing with either Uber and Lyft.
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I took a survey sent by Lyft asking all kinds of questions asking would I use in app nav if it was done by Google, what apps I used now, why liked/didn't like etc...

Would make sense Google does Lyft's nav considering they invested in Lyft.

I can't get Waze work with U/L running. I've given up. It works fine when the apps aren't running. No one has been able to figure out what's going on.

Positive to hear that they are actively working towards the in app nav.


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I'm no fan of in-app GPS. The whole purpose is to steer you toward taking shorter routes so they can keep more of the upfront fares.
I think you are right. Here in South Florida, we see a lot of weird stuff with airport runs where the Uber/Lyft app shows the ride going to the cargo area of the airport -- usually in a very roundabout manner. Sometimes regular Google Maps follows that; other times, it sends us directly to the terminal where we should go.

I just turn Maps off when that happens, but one of our crafty drivers simply follows the directions to the cargo area and collects a higher fare as a result of following the GPS. He drives the specified route and collects the same mileage and time the upfront fare was calculated on.