Lyft Express Drive Program


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I was just wondering if anybody could answer a few questions for me on the Lyft Express Drive program as it specifically relates to Nashville. Thanks in advance ....

1. How many rides do you need to give to have Lyft waive the rental fee ?

2. What is the average wait time to get a car once you sign up ?

3. What kind of deposit is needed ?

Thanks again !!!!


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I don't do Express, but from what I see on my page when I click on the Express, the deposit is up to $250 and the weekly payment is broken down for a midsize vehicle as such;

Less than 60 rides per week- $180
60 rides per week (20 during peak hours)- $120
75 rides (20 peak)- $85
90 rides (25 peak)- $30

I didn't see anything regarding how many rides to waive the fee completely. Someone here who uses it (or has used it) locally may have better info. Uber doesn't have a rental program here at all, just their "Exchange Fleece" program. :wink: