Lyft Driver Attacked by Passenger's Dog


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Well, I'm a Medical Provider. Wash the areas well with soap and water.
If you're not Penicillin allergic, you need, ( I ALWAYS prescribe- standard of care) Augmentin- that's the trade name. Common Abx.
There are alternatives for PCN allergies too.

The Augmentin for the puncture wounds on you hand.

I'm really sorry for you, THIS really sucks. My sympathy.

Lots of good advice on the reports, etc.

Seriously! You need Antibiotics- the right ones, for the puncture wound. That wound has a HIGH chance of becoming infected from the inside. You'll get swelling, streaking up your arm (lymphangitis), etc. If it does get infected, (again- good chance for it), things will get really bad for your hand and arm, etc. within a week or less.

Good luck and PM me if you like.

AND!!- while yes, Rabies is alwayts talked about, dogs immunized for it, etc.
The chance of him getting rabies from that bite wound is less than being struck by lightning six times in a row, WHILE winning the Powerball! There have no cases of rabies in humans from domestic animal bites- sorry. Well, it's been many decades.
- I know what I'm talking about, you can look it up.
Infection, tenosynovitis?- YES

Has the OP even came back for an update post? He's probably in the ICU with tenosynovitis!- I hope not.
Good information!!! What you wrote reminds me of what happened to the West Bend man. I’m not sure if you remember the story.



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I can’t believe that not a single person has addressed the fact that he physically waves goodbye to all pax lol

...I mean, so sorry for your arm and stuff


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first thing file a police report at the place you got bit. second animal control comes out checks for RABIES SHOTS !!!!! did you get the papers ??? second no papers when your at the hospital papers or not they will clean the wound do it does not get infected . with out papers they will give you rabies shots a set of them . i think its 3 different days of shots there required . your risking the dog not having rabies. its your life at risk. you will find out in a few weeks this is the onset of rabies. again if you called the police shots could of been avoided here. third step call a lawyer sue the hell out of your passenger lyft and your RIDESHARE INSURANCE to pay the hospital bills .