Lyft Driver App Bugs


Has anyone noticed new bugs since Lyft basically made the new Driver App and made it even worse when they removed PT %?

I feel like Lyft is trying to figure things out as much as we Drivers are...

Bugs I/We have noticed so far:

- Limited Prime time heat map
: Driver Map shows Prime time less than half of the time there is actually a prime time on the rider app.

- Driver/Passenger Switch
: Lyft randomly cancels your pax or reroutes you to a new pax without your knowledge. I’ve even had a customer tell me someone called her and told her the previous driver was taking too long and they were going to switch her (to me)

- Incorrect Pickup/Dropoff pins or Incorrect route recording
: This one was really weird to me, I took a customer home with a quick stop right before her home location. When I dropped the pax off I noticed her fare was about 2x higher than it should have been (No PT atm). I looked at the recorded route and it basically said I went down the freeway about 5 miles and came back the same 5 miles. I didn’t understand how this happened but it seemed very odd.

Any other odd bugs you guys have seen since the addition of the driver app? I’ll add them to the list.


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Auto accept. It's where your finger is on the screen in another app, a ping comes in and it accepts before you can even look at said ping.

They need to fix that one.


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1) Bad data sent to GPS app. Regardless of ogle maps or Waze, Lyft app frequently sends bad address data.

2) crashing cycle. During mode two (enroute to pax) Lyft app will crash crash crash crash until you reboot entire phone.

3) Lyft app never shows an accurate ETA that properly accounts for traffic, making pax mad at the driver.

4) Lyft app text is badly formatted and OFTEN truncated, including the address. WTF this is so lame.

5) when we hit "edit destination" the current destination does not appear in the text box so it can be modified, and has to be full re entered by hand.

6) destination names, such as "Al's Bar" are frequently not parsed correctly when sent to GPS (maps or Waze), so the address has to be entered manually, pissing of the pax.

I could go on but I'm getting carpal tunnel typing all this...