Lyft Destination Filter

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The Lyft DF doesn't work as well as the Uber DF by a long shot in my experience.

Coming from JFK with the DF set to Philadelphia Airport:

It gives me trips with a pickup in roughly (very roughly) the direction I'm headed, but they may be destinations in any direction after that. I've gotten off the NJ Tpk going south to drive east for 10 minutes to pickup a ride going east for 3 blocks.

The Uber DF tends to send me more appropriate rides.


I agree and it is not a question to most drivers either.
The question is why. I believe the share of market is not the main reason. I suspect Uber will give drivers with DF some sort of priority over other drivers when a suitable request is available. Just my guess.


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I put in a DF towards 20 miles North... Got a ping request 10 minutes south that brought me 2 minutes South of where I was sitting when I got the ping. Very discouraging.