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Lyft destination filter working better than Uber these days

Discussion in 'New York City' started by burgerflipper, Feb 1, 2018.

  1. I've been noticing lately that Lyft sends more destination trips my way these days than uber does. A lot more, actually. And theyre usually even going in the right direction. Filters have been super slow lately, but Lyft is performing 400% better than Uber. Based on real numbers.
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  2. Radio_group


    Fake news . At least to mine experience .Both of them send you all over the fu@@ing map .Maybe you were lucky .Do not bet your house on this .
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  3. As part of “180 days of change” Uber gave us 6 DF daily, after they were done advertising and promoting it, they took it back and gave us only two. Noticing that drivers weren’t really pissed about it (after all, we know Uber), they then decided that we can only use the two when they say we can, and then , you’re in midtown and DF to JFK , Uber will have no problem sending you to Jersey City.
    So, Uber does whatever they can to discourage us from using DF, Lyft gives you SIX, but mostly it doesn’t work at all.
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  4. With both apps
    lol not only that you can use it during the busiest time wwhen you have the best chances of getting rides to destination.
  5. Yeah Uber screwed the pooch on this one.

    I was denied DF at 6:30am today, turned on Lyft and got one. So I will just turn off Uber when they deny me DF and turn on Lyft.

    Lyft however is sporadic with their DF at best.
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  6. KenStyles


    I did a DF once on both apps at the same time Lyft came up first but sent me West when I was trying to go north
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  7. Analyst83


    my girlfriend lives in Norwalk CT and i had been doing DF forever for the past 2 years...at the most they take me right before the whitestone bridge (from queens)

    Never gotten one close to her..Lyfts only last for 20 minutes each time and “sorry we couldn’t find you a match”

    success ratio on DF is only 5-10 percent and business has be super good in order for that to happen..at this time dreaming DF is like having a high tea in a seven star hotel haha
  8. FuberNYC


    I remember getting a couple rides to the city while using DF from downtown Brooklyn to Whitestone (home) using Uber, then Lyft always sends me to LGA when I DF to JFK and those are the facts.
    I only use DF from JC for double dipping and also only accept requests that says 'long ride' if I use it from the city.
  9. Uber you can do just one to your dest and if the thing is available will usually get you there or close on one filter.

    With Lyft it needs to be busy like someone mentioned and then you need to break the rides into pieces. Lyft will tease you with a full length ride every blue moon but exceptionally rare... So I play it like this... If in the Bronx and I want to go to BK I will start with getting to Yankee Stadium. Then cross any bridge except RFK to Manhattan and choose Times Square. Then choose Wall St, then when in downtown Brooklyn choose my home addy. Cross the bridges without using the filter and avoid the highways unless you are in a rush. I may not get a ride each leg and never cruising for one specifically but usually get 2 out of 4 legs.

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