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Lyft Demand is low!

Discussion in 'Washington DC' started by Kawiz03, May 14, 2016.

  1. Kawiz03


    Washington, DC
    I give equal treatment to the apps but I haven't had a lyft ride in two weeks and I always get the "bad signal move to another area" text from them. Is Lyft on its last beats or something?
  2. KGB7


    What did lyft has to say about your issue?
  3. Lol! I have been getting unusual reports of losing connection to their server, and the *&@$# topic filters won't even let you write in on tech concerns!
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  4. Bart McCoy

    Bart McCoy

    Waldorf, MD
    I wouldn't even think of driving for Lyft with the current Uber incentives going on
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  5. Yeah I have done pretty well a few weeks in a row but didn't rcv an offer from uber this week, so sad. Don't worry I am across the country from you. Anyway with Lyft incentives I do usually make a little bit less, but I get better ratings fsr on L, plus all the certainty, I am opt in, I know about missed request count, etc.
    Also uber is so much busier that I mostly end up earning the pay anyway, so there's little risk of missing an hour here and there but sometimes you have to work a lot or miss out on big pieces of the payout, with the Uber incentives I have been working.

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