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Lyft cutting XL pay in Reno


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Just got an e-mail from Lyft.

XL pay rates dropped by 6 cents per mile and dropped by 0.75 cents per minute, starting June 24. The minimum fare dropped from $4.72 to $3.00, and the pickup fee from $1.875 to $1.80

They also stated their will be a pay drop in the Lake Tahoe area but didn't provide the rate drop information. I guess it will be a surprise next time you do an XL run in Tahoe to see how much less you will make.

Overall XL seems like it is hardly worth it. Technically the pay is still higher than regular Lyft and regular Uber, but the passengers always take forever to load in, and almost never go very far down the road. Pickup distances also tend to be farther away, so more dead miles.

The worst thing is the drop in minimum fare from $4.72 to $3.00. It seems most of my XL runs are minimum fare bar hops. At $3.00 that's only like $0.53 more than a minimum fare on uberX, for all the extra hassle that comes with XL rides.

I like how Lyft says:
We'll always be transparent about changes that affect your earnings, and we're working to increase demand for high-end rides so you can earn more — more often.
By saying they're "working to increase demand for high-end rides" you might assume that means they'll be cutting the rates the passenger pays, but we're not on a percent basis any more with Lyft or Uber so in actuality there is nothing in the e-mail that indicates that they intend to lower the rates for the passengers. I highly doubt Lyft XL drivers will "earn more- more often." It is just a race to the bottom with driver pay.

Supposing Lyft does cut the pay for the riders, it also makes no sense, especially the minimum fare. Even if Lyft takes 60% of the fare, 3/.4=$7.50. $7.50/6=$1.25. The rideshare companies should charge more than $1.25 per passenger no matter how far down the road they are going. For short rides, XL rides are literally cheaper than a bus ticket.
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Minimum rate dropping from $4.72 to $3. During the summer it won't be that big of a deal, most of the rides are over minimum. But that is going to be a huge cut when playing college @@@@ shuttle service.


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But that is going to be a huge cut when playing college @@@@ shuttle service.
That's most of my XL rides right there. Either from the bar near the college to the dorms, or from a bar in downtown to another bar in downtown. Hey, let's call an UberXL to drive from Grand Sierra all the way to OurBar so we can go to The Rack!

Fortunately I own both an X vehicle and an XL vehicle. I only XL on the weekend, plus Thursdays during the college semester. As it is, based on the low frequency of XL rides the occasional XL ride doesn't average out to a profit on the rest of the week. I might just leave the XL vehicle at home on Thursdays and do the X runs only for the Little Waldorf rides. Even if you do 16 min-fare XL rides from the Wal, thats only like $8 extra for the whole night. That math doesn't work out in my calculations for the additional costs associated with an XL vehicle. Just getting my XL vehicle from my house to the Wal is going to cost me more than $8.
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