Lyft Cuts Sales Staff, Reorganizes Team as the Startup Chases Uber - Bloomberg


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Had a ride yesterday from a health care organization. Problem was the Dr office set up the ride for the patient and puts in their phone number. Tried to call pax to find him and it goes to the Dr office. The really bad thing that happens is you ate not going to get tipped at all since the rider doesn't have the option to tip because it's not booked by him with his phone. So no tip and no contact with pax. Good thing was he didn't have lyft so I was able to send him a referral as a new pax. Was hoping since I explained that we weren't able to get tipped since the doc office booked it and he didn't he'd toss me some cash but no dice. Oh well hope he signs up for the referral fee at least.


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If they were smart they would rebrand to something not as ridiculous as a "pink mustache" and destroy Uber. Then I could drive for them instead and be more happy.

The pink mustache brand is the THEE most ridiculous brand in the history of society.