Lyft can go to hell


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Gives this small areas for 30% prime time...

Another Uber Driver

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..............and Lyft wonders why everyone turns on Uber.

In truth, I can not complain too loud about Lyft. I turned it on Monday for the first time in about two weeks (I have been making my Uber Quests, of late). I let expire the first two Lyft Lines then accepted a regular Lyft ping two blocks away at the Carlyle Hotel. It went to Dulles Airport. I was not too crazy about that, but after I finished my bookwork I went about ten feet when it offered me a ping. I accepted it, went downstairs and covered it. The guy was looking for me. He was going to East Petworth. He told me it took a l ong time for Lyft to come up with a driver for him, then they guy cancelled. It took a while again, and that guy cancelled. It took a while again, the guy accepted it, then called him and asked him where he was going. The customer cancelled, re-submitted the request, waited a while and got me. He was so happy that I covered his request.

I had a pretty good idea why the drivers cancelled on him. In truth, he was a nice guy and I was glad that I covered his request. He tipped me ten bananas at the end. The total for the two trips equalled the cab fare out there from Downtown, a tip at the usual level and a deadhead back.

The last Lyft trip was a minimum, but I was close to it, so it did not matter. After that, I did turn on Uber and ran a few trips for them.