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Lyft be uber

Discussion in 'Los Angeles & Orange County' started by samsax, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. so this weekend I've been in LA and totally thought Uber would be worth it... it's not. However Lyft has been nothing but perfect to me. I've made double with Lyft today than I have in the past week w Uber..... wtf why is that
  2. deadmile

    deadmile Well-Known Member

    Because they took note you drove all the way from Palm Springs to do rideshare they felt bad for you so they gave you better rides
  3. I
    I drive for both and so far Uber has been ****.
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  4. Bleach

    Bleach Well-Known Member

    Walmart and Target Distribution Center
    Uber be lyft
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  5. Lord Summerisle

    Lord Summerisle Well-Known Member

    Outer Hebrides
    Lyft failed my inspection last week because of a worn rear wiper. But they cannot give me a Plus only option. Strange priorities.

    (An interesting side note - when I first typed Lyft, my phone auto-corrected it to "Luftwaffe.")
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  6. MiniUberX

    MiniUberX Active Member

    Thousand Oaks
    Lyft isn't as good when it comes to cherry picking surge rides. I run the Uber app on my iPad if I am on the way to pickup for either platform. If it begins surging, or is surging and it goes higher after accepting a request, I'll cancel and get another.

    Lyft doesn't like high cancellations. After 3 warnings, they'll deactivate. Uber is happy once you get it back down. It really depends on where you drive for the surge.

    LA often has more areas of PT than Uber, but Uber often has bigger surges.

    Ventura county doesn't go into PT on Lyft. Very rarely does. Uber does almost every day

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  7. mandreyka

    mandreyka Well-Known Member

    Orange County , California
    I just took my previous year lyft inspection and copied all the mechanic info on a new form. Passed
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  8. LADriver

    LADriver Well-Known Member

    Los Angeles
    It's not UBER, it's your driving strategy. (I have over 11,000 UBER rides under my belt in 4 years.) This forum has a SUB level area for LYFT drivers, because it's all about UBER. Notice how this forum doesn't scream out LYFT PLATFORM!!!

    Because it is only 25 percent of the U.S. market. LYFT is only domestic. While UBER is international. Which means that most ride share passengers that travel the World, and arrive into LAX, use UBER for their international travels.

    I've cancelled on UBER hundreds of times. I've receive numerous warnings and have not been deactivated in 4 years. I use UBER to my benefit. I don't need UBER. I have my own private limo clients. The sooner UBER disappears, the happier I'll be.
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  9. Adieu

    Adieu Well-Known Member


    I did nearly 20 : 1 uber over lyft

    Instead of other way around...

    ACTUALLY ....your brloved fuber starts billing at two minutes wait....

    Which however you look at it is NOT a bad thing. Except it should bonus over cancel fee which it doesnt

    Did anyone tell em thar rear wipers are NOT required????
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  10. Uberdriver2710

    Uberdriver2710 Well-Known Member

    in the blockchain
    Both = multiple streams of cha-ching$.
  11. It's not my driving strategy and I don't know why you're being so fudging rude but okay my guy have a great day

    And congrats on your 11000+ rides.... wanna cookie???

    lol I meant VS

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