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So what are you saying?, that it's impossible the OP got deactivated for expired documents because of the supposed extension by Lyft/Uber and police? If that's the case, the OP must have been deactivated for some shady stuff coming up on the yearly background check they perform. Whether it's something new or something missed previously, I say BOOT HIS ARSE OFF THE NETWORK as we don't like felons driving the nice folks of Chi-Raq around and putting them in unnecessary danger.

Felons driving rideshare give us a bad name, thus they need to be BOOTED ASAP!!👹 To be crystal-clear, I am not saying that OP is a felon. However, out an abundance of care, they should keep him deactivated until it's cleared up; It's in the best interest of rideshare users' security.

On a related note, I believe felons are welcome to deliver pizza all day long as they pose little risk to the public so that's always a legitimate option for @Pizzaguy128!!😜🍕 🍕 🍕 🍕


hey @@@@ sitck
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so that clears that shit up


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I got the same notice I was like oh well no loss on my end right now just one less driver they have on the road for whatever chance that driver might make them a few bucks.


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Well if it wasn’t hard to make money lyft decides to run it’s background check freezing my driving status so I can’t drive on Lyft. Thank god I can still do Uber . This shit is getting out of hand. God damn dmvs need to open so I can get my liscense renewed .
They did me the same way. It cleared up in right away. Check the background checkr.
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They did me the same way. It cleared up right away. Check the background checkr.