Lyft app will not close


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Reboot is of course the correct answer, however, it's also the most ridiculous answer.

It was my fault really. The first time ever, I opened the lyft app at the airport after making an uber dropoff. Normally, lyft puts me right in the queue whether I want it or not. This time, no. Each time I cancelled, then tried to close, it just reopened and gave me another ping. I must have cancelled ten or twelve rides before I finally just shut everything down. What is bizarre is that when I brought it all back up, lyft had me still going to a pickup. So I just shut lyft down. Uber got all my rides after that.

I know. I know. Don't do that! :cools:


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I panicked. The constant pings. I nearly tossed my tablet out the window. Who needs this kinda stress?

edit - OTOH, it didn't seem to matter if I cancelled or ignored, but in hindsight, I coulda left the nag message window open, and that might have stopped it. Like I said, panic set in. Maybe it was shell-shock from being a network/telecom engineer too long
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As for my original post, if you can read between the lines, you will see that I suck at writing posts from an Android phone :-)
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