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Lyft App Version


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Drove all day, 8 hours-ish. Stopped for a beverage and leg stretch, got this message.


Updated to this version:


Changes I can see:

  • The speed limit for the road is displayed and not removable. It covers part of the map.
  • The rider can leave notes for gate codes.
  • The DF is set to six (6) and shows how many are left.
  • The emergency assist is now it’s own button.
Lately, Lyft have been sending me text messages in lieu of email responses, mostly for lost property, high earnings, or unannounced consecutive trip bonus.

I did not check the last versions number before updating.


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I just noticed Uber just now updated as well. Won’t know until Friday what’s changed. As far as Lyft’s customer service.....stunning how much it’s fallen in the past 6 months or so. Text messaging is the way they respond now. Only to be told it’s beyond their scope and will be followed up by email.


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After a couple of days, discovered some anomalies.

  1. Shared ride wait times have risen from 2 minutes to almost 3 minutes 40 seconds.
  2. The ability to telephone the rider prior to cancelling is gone. Now it’s a text message.

Screenshot from yesterday showing the increased wait time. Exact time unknown as I did not notice the starting time.

The ability to contact Rider (Noj) is text only. I could not telephone a no show this morning, text only. I do not have that screenshot (Lyft surprise change in TOS went unannounced) but will shuffle later today.


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And, more BS continues.

Staging lot in my market is 3, maybe 4 minutes from the closest terminal. Got this message:


This even smelt bad from the staging lot. As I’m driving towards the terminal the map is rotating, and I can see names flashing up in the bottom section. My guess was they were incoming rides that went to rematch prior to my arrival.

Entered the pick up zone and now Lyft want me to hold...in the main entry of all ground transport services- in the red zone.


Not happening.

I pull up to the TNC island, there’s not a single person there, not even an airport monkey. Then Lyft slip me this beauty:


Also, not happening.