Lyft app sux!

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Anyone else agree? I see all the negative stuff on Uber, pay, don't defend drivers in legal matters, etc. So I drive both depending on where I am, BUT I really prefer the Uber app., from driver's side. I'm fairly new with Lyft, but it seems you can't text the Pax; why not?, that's stupid! Especially when you're hunting for them at the Mall ( I hate mall pick-ups, in general.) Today she wouldn't answer her phone, and then the Lyft app started my trip- I did not start. Once that happened I can't communicate with Pax, find her, etc. I also like Uber's ping style; it's just better, can't really explain, just my experience. And a complaint with both - why such a short window to accept a ride? mY Iphone gets quirky sometimes when I have multiple apps running, and it doesn't give me audible signal. They want to bust your ass for not accepting rides; how about giving me 30 seconds to respond??
What I find very annoying about the Lyft app up is that canceled trips show up as a text message. I hear the sound for texts all the time while I'm driving, but I ignore them because I can't text and drive (and assume it a friend who can wait). And yet, Lyft, who won't allow us to text passengers, sends us texts to let us know a passenger cancelled. Why no audible sound from the app?

Also, having to navigate out to, and log into, the Lyft website to see our trip history and pay is stupid. I much prefer the Uber app because everything is done in the app.


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Lyft app sucks big time.
  1. Surge rectangles are horrible. It will be beneficial for Lyft to use circles/honeycomb to at least give drivers false sense of how far the surge spread is.
  2. When picking pax within surge area Lyft does not show applicable rate. You dont know if you are picking surge or not.
  3. When filing complaints or feedback about rides drivers are shown this weird interface where you need to select ride using addresses from a drop-down. Drivers dont remember addresses. Show maps for God's Sake! Maps are easy to remember (where we picked pax from/dropped) like Uber does.
  4. This is more like feedback for Lyft: Today I got 3 pings with all being Lyft Plus. I really wanted to pick but all were too far from me. Wish app showed me how far pax was going to make my mind. First was 31 minutes away (yes; 17 miles away in city), second was 27 minutes and third one 22 minutes. What was Lyft really thinking? I am dumb or what? Drive 20 miles in city to pick some guys going to a bar 2 miles away? Show me how far pax is going when you are sending Plus rides my way or the rides that far so that I can make my mind because I am not going to pick them up to begin with.
  5. No volume control on app, and the ping tone sucks big time. Drivers are on the road not starring at the app. Make it loud folks! Also make sure it rings! Forums are full of phones not ringing. This is causing drivers to miss pings. It is hurting your business. Are you listening Lyft?
  6. Show start address after driver confirms arrival. It helps us know where we are while waiting for the pax (to make sure we are at the right location; many times when pax is not coming I wonder if I am at the right address but app is not showing address unless I tap on customer's name/menu - this is a problem in DFW area where GPS tends to take us to allies).
  7. If Uber is not on the screen it goes offline after sending an alert. It is a good feature. Lets face it: Lots of drivers do Uber and Lyft both. If Lyft is not up on the screen but running in background, send an alert and go offline like Uber does. This will avoid drivers forgetting to go offline on Lyft because they got a pax on Uber. Lets face it: Uber has more market and frequent pings so Lyft needs to be creative.
  8. No visibility into the support request you have already made. Uber lets you check status and submit updates from within the app.
  9. No possibility of viewing where Lyft cars/drivers are once signed into driver app. Need to switch profile and login as rider but you get logged off from drivers side. Uber has two separate apps. Makes it easy for driver to position where there are no cars. It is actually going to help Lyft to have better coverage. Well .. there are more but not having the energy to write it all .. This should be enough for Lyft if they are reading ...
PS: I must mention one feature that I absolutely love though: Showing relative map/route where ping came from highlighting potential ruote from where you are at the moment to the pax. This helps us a lot with making a decision if we we are willing to be take it vs Uber showing limited view so you end up licking pax not knowing where you'll be heading.
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What a thread to bump. It's true though, the Lyft app is clunky and relies even heavier on loading elements like it's a web page from the bad old days.

then the Lyft app started my trip
Just to address this, I believe that if you tell the app that you are "close" to the pax, but wind up driving much further as you look for them... it will start the ride! Helpful huh.


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Everything about Lyft is true but one thing I can assure you they will back their drivers up one complaint from Uber pax your deactivated for sure Uber treats us like they don't need us they have too many drivers. Another issue I have with Uber if you hit no show charge rider you have to fight for them to pay you.