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Lyft App Bugs Out During Ride w/3 Rambunctious Intoxipax - fun times


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In the middle of the biggest surge of the night, while drivng 3 tipsy PAX to the Havana Club Martini Bar in Buckhead, I notice that the Lyft app all of a sudden goes offline.


I don't know what to do, so I turn it back on, well, IMMEDIATELY I get bombarded with Ride Requests. One after the other, so I literally can't see the map, as soon as I hit decline, the next one comes right back up like this hapenned 3-4 times, the original trip is cancelled? not there? Looks like they got a free ride, my acceptance rate tanked, not that I give a flying crap about acceptance rates anymore.


The drunk PAX-ES then proceed to create verbal chaos,
- backseater becomes worried I am fiddling with app, and is yelling about "oh no, please don't do this or that"
- front is telling 'don't wory bro' we got you, we gonna tip you out, I'm like dude, there is NO ride as far as Lyft is concerned.
- lady in back is like "we tell you direction, no worry... where are we going again?"

drop off pax, luckily, it was a straight trip down Piedmont...check app, just as i thought, ride is gone, like I never accepted it. very annoying.

P.S. I know what your thinking, but I don't think it was the PAX trying to scam me, since one was in front, and I saw them the whole time, didn't even look at his phone.


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They cancelled a ride in progress to scam you
I don't think so. None of them had their phones out, this was lyft, and it was past the cancellation point, I would have gotten a cancellation fee.

They cancelled a ride in progress to scam you
Wait, just saw something. Now it shows up, but reads...

"Admin Cancelled" ... RATING NOT AVAILABLE

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