lyft and uber stelling


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hey guys i'm new but i found out that lyft is stelling money for the client and for me so where that money go? god knows but please if lyft is doing it uber too let's ask the client before drop him off how much they charge them and see if match yours if is not trade pictures and let's sue this motherfu!!! we are spending time tires car everything and they stelling for us common!!


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They are not stealing any money. It's the upfront price. They can charge to the pax how much money they want while you still get paid per miles and minutes. You agreed with that.


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Before you accuse anyone of stealing, you should correct the spelling errors in the title and 1st post. Better yet, read some of the dozens of existing threads like
It's common knowledge on this forum that both Uber and Lyft are "stealing" mileage, tolls, tips, etc. from drivers continually. The problem is proving it in a court of law. U/L are protected by the contracts that we are required to sign and an army of lawyers. Let us know if you have any ideas on how to convince a real lawyer that we have a real case.

Lyft is only taking a 25% cut from you. Newer Uber drivers lose 30%.
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