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So today I was having a good day on Uber. I dropped at a wealthy beach on an island with a drawbridge. Sat for a few and the surge was gone so I turned on Lyft. I got a request 18 minutes away in the ghetto. I knew it would be one of the $2 dollar rides I always get. I hit no thanks and got this text instantly.

Lyft alert: Looks like you've missed a lot of ride requests. It's best for the community if you accept them, or log out of driver mode if you need a break. Then an email with the same.

Then I got the same request from the same person-no thanks . Then another from who I assume is her boyfriend-no thanks .

My response to Lyft is F YOU.
It's best for the community if you cut your fee and pay me extra so I won't have to take a loss on the trip. Let them take it on the chin for the "community". I am not working for free or at loss. PERIOD. I take that letter as an insult. If you want the community served fix it so I am not losing money. I'm the community too.
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F U John Zimm


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Yeah that “community “ will be nowhere to be found when you get hit with gryfts $2500 deductible. Can you imagine...”passenger, it’s better for the Lyft community if you tip your driver so they can afford to keep the car in safe working condition”


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At least Lyft started with some semblance of fairness...but then, Travis drug 'em into the never ending alley fight for customers and money. Even John and Landon would admit this to themselves, privately. Now, all this community stuff is dog and pony show.