Lyft 30 minutes away


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so all this bad rider from Uber are running to Lyft to get free ride and on top of that they leaving bad rating so Lyft can give them free ride same thing they did with Uber when they where new in the city I have a 4.87 rating with Uber and my Lyft rating drop to 4.3 in one week and on top of that Lyft want to send driver 30 minutes away for $2.50 rides smh Lyft need to get it together


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My Uber rating is 4.87 too, but my lift rating is a 4.73. Are you saying that lyft gives out free rides if the rider rates you poorly? If you are at a 4.3, why aren't you kicked off the app? In the app, it says that anything below a 4.6 risks deactivation?