Lyft $2500 accident Deductible

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Just a reminder to anyone driving for LYFT...if you're in accident, the LYFT insurance deductible is $2500. You are driving FOR LYFT when you have a passenger in your car, and their insurance SHOULD BE PRIMARY. Who can afford a $2500 deductible for a lousy $5.00 fare???? And then you're suspended from the platform until you get your car repaired, so you can't earn any income. My son drives part time, and was just hit by ANOTHER LYFT DRIVER. The deductible with Uber is $1000, which is high, but manageable. Anyone driving for LYFT is risking a lot for a company that would implement a $2500 deductible. And PLEASE don't start in about how you have commercial insurance...the average rideshare driver CANNOT afford a commercial policy. Remember,, your personal insurance WILL NOT PAY when you are online driving for a rideshare company. Just a reminder to WEIGH THE RISK.
How many of you can afford a $2500 deductible payment?????


It's like an extra $15 a month for rideshare insurance through places like State Farm. So it is not correct to say that you need commercial insurance. But thanks for the info about Lyft's deductible, seems ridiculous.


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Think you guys might be thinking of GAP insurance for $15.
GAP only covers you while app is on and you're trolling for rides or on the way to pick up PAX.
After you pickup you're on Lyfts insurance umbrella.

Just dealing with my car wreck - pretty sure they'll total it and I've got a $500 deductible.
But wow - never knew the driver is on the hook for at 2.5k deductible...that's got to be more than a lot of the TNC cars are worth.

WTF - this TNC driving just keeps making less and less sense.


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A rideshare addon is VERY different from GAP insurance. Everyone should have the rideshare addon, some insurance companies require it. Mine is state farm, and i would have the same 250$ deductible and wouldnt have to mess with uber insurance....state farms lawyers would if needed. Look into it.


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A rideshare addon is VERY different from GAP insurance. Everyone should have the rideshare addon, some insurance companies require it.
Some insurance companies call the rideshare addon "Rideshare Gap coverage" ... USAA does. I know it's confusing because there's also GAP insurance for the loan, to pay off the loan in case of job loss or death (depending on your coverage). I agree that everyone should have "Rideshare Gap/Addon", but it's not offered by all insurance companies - for instance, GEICO who did offer Rideshare Gap Addon in 2016 & 2017, removed it from their Texas policies in 2018 ... so anyone with GEICO should move to an insurance carrier that does offer Rideshare Gap Addon ... I know that these companies do offer Rideshare Gap Addon: Allstate, Farmers, Progressive, State Farm, USAA. The Rideshare Gap Addon ranges from $8-22/mo in addition to your existing policy.

Rideshare Gap Addon is very different from Commercial Livery Insurance and the Rideshare Gap Addon only covers you for while having a rideshare app on without a pax in your car. IF you intend to haul pax without an app, firstly I don't recommend it since it violates the Texas TNC Law unless you have a permitted limo, shuttle or taxi (and your following those regulations); but more importantly, unless you have Commercial Livery Insurance your personal car insurance policy does not cover you, your vehicle or the pax for any "for hire" (paid) rides in your car ... and you definitely don't want to have an accident with injuries in that situation as it could cost you everything. BTW, I have Commercial Livery Insurance from Progressive ... $530/mo.


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Looking for some information after an accident while driving with Lyft here in Boston. Had 2 passengers in the car and was rear ended and pushed into a 3rd car in front of me. Driver that rear ended me took full responsibility. Have 2-camera dash cam just in case. So I assume that since it was the drivers fault his insurance will be settling my car damage claim and the passengers medical bills be covered via Lyft's insurance directly. Would my medical bills be via the at fault driver or Lyfts? Anyone with some history with accident that was the other parties fault could reply. Will start the process Monday 4/15 so just want to get some basics.


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When its the other guys fault, if your insurance is good they will pay for it now and their lawyers will make sure the other guy's insurance pays them later. In your situation i would let your passengers deal with lyft on their own. You need a lawyer immediately, so he/she can contact the insurance of the guy whose fault it was to let them know that the longer they drag their feet on a rental car the more lost wages you will be suing for and the more your lawyer will be billing them.