Lyft 24/7 phone support


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Desperate not to be outdone by Uber, Lyft 24/7 phone support has now gone live.
Here's the Sept. 25th email:

We're Standing By 24 Hours a Day

Sometimes you just need to talk to someone live. And now you can: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. On the road, on the weekend, on the way to your kid's baseball game. We'll be here.

When You Need Immediate Assistance

Tap 'Call me' in the Help Center contact form.

When You Need Help With a Specific Ride

1. Tap the 'Earnings' tab, and select the ride.

2. Tap 'Get help' for quick FAQs.

3. If you still want to talk to someone, tap 'Call me' or the 'Help Center' link.

After you tap 'Call me,' you'll receive a callback and be connected with a Lyft team member in 2 minutes or less.

Coming Soon: Spanish-Language Support

Starting in October, the Help Center, contact form, and 24/7 'Call me' feature will be available in Spanish.

Viene Pronto: Ayuda en Español

A partir de octubre, el centro de ayuda, el formulario de contacto, y la función 'Llámame' 24/7, estarán disponibles en español.

From day one, we've wanted you to be safe and supported on the road. We're standing by if you need us.

This feature is not to be used for emergency situations. If you have an emergency, call 911.


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It actually worked quite well for me today.
Not sure what to expect, a friendly english speaking CSR returned my call within seconds.
Then removed a cancellation from my record and said it wouldn't count against me.
Something Uber would absolutely ever refuse to do.
Actually have to give Lyft props for the way they handled it this time at least.


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Hmm I talk to them three weeks ago. I think the lady I talk to was on Jerry springer esp 17 who’s the daddy?


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“Hello, is Debbie there? I talked to Debbie last week and she was great! She helped me with me putting those magnetic signs on my doors. Boy you guys are awesome! I tell you what, I was just telling my neighbor that those guys at Lyft are so nice they just send me all over the town. At one point I’ll be here then I’ll get a request 45 minutes away and I’ll drive there and take a nice lady to Jack In The Box so she can get her dog a hamburger, then back to the other side of town to pick up a man at a pawn shop show is trying to sell his 8 track radio. It’s such a rewarding job to help all these people... anyhow I’m sorry for taking up so much of your time but I’m wondering why Lyft app is making a higher pitched ding then yesterday? It seamed if yesterday the ding was much lower in pitch as I’m a piano tuner and I can determine the pitch fairly accurately from just my ear.... (long wait) so is Debbie there? Maybe she might know since she helped me out yesterday. Would it help if I just put the cell phone up to the phone? Oh my bad, you can’t do that since it’s the same thing. Should I just call you back when it pitches high and not accept the ride... I think it might be a trick from those Russian hackers, you know they tried to rig out election and that is why Trump won. Boy I don’t like him, and what about his hair what Is all about that it reminds me of Woody Harrelson in the movie kingpin where he played an older guy that was a bowler and he had a come over. Now that was a great movie my favorite part of the movie was when they asked if it was OK if you drink your own urine. I remember I was with my brother and we both laughed and laughed and laughed it was about as funny as that episode of the Andy Griffin show where goober does impression of James Cagney. You know those kind of shows really hard on all that much anymore you know the shows that have true family values and such. Well anyhow were you able to reach Debbie or do you want me to just how old and see if you could pager over the intercom? “

Other options... they are now promoting that support calls in Spanish. Maybe we should call using pig Latin?


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I got a rude rep on the phone some know what they are doing others don't have a clue. One hung up on me. While one fixed my issue and took away my cancellation instance and also gave me $5.00