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Luke Bryan Concert was CRAZY!

Tim In Cleveland

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So, I picked up one rider before the concert ended. He told me he got kicked out for getting caught in the locker room taking a picture of Johnny Manziel's locker. He even showed me the picture, lmao.
After that, the concert ended and it was total mayhem.
I got ping after ping, all from drunk riders who were inside the stadium or 2 feet outside of it. Cleveland closes the entrances on all streets close to the stadium so there is NO way to pick these people up. I just had to endlessly tell them to walk to Lakeside Ave to pick up a car.
GRIDLOCK! It was taking 15 minutes to travel one block! I so wanted to quit for the night and go home, but who can turn down 5.3X surge pricing?
The last rider I picked up was so grateful to be in a car. She said she had been trying to get a car for almost 2 hours. I fought through the crowds to get on the freeway. She was going to the Airport Hampton Inn, so I plopped the airport into the GPS. Along the way, I started getting suspicious that the "Airport Hampton Inn" wasn't actually by the airport, and sure enough, it's not that close to the airport. Thankfully, the way I took was still well within the fare estimate.
I pooped out and quit before the bars closed. I'm sure that was all surge pricing too but I couldn't deal with anymore gridlock. I hope you all made a ton last night. I sure did.

Tim In Cleveland

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He's a country singer. He edged out Dr Dre for the #1 spot in album sales 2 weeks ago. His popularity is a little surprising because he has no especially catchy hits.


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When he was in Jacksonville, he headed over to the Jax Landing and had a few drinks with the fans after the concert.......
Most popular concerts are the same around America. The taxi lines provide a uniform way to disperse the people looking to get home. Another example of tech changing nothing, other than more congestion. Congrats for those who did well with uber and dealt with congestion, but proper pricing with ultimately rule, money isn't everything, it's the only thing.
If any uber driver truly thinks that you are the second coming of the transportation business you will find out otherwise. Betty crocker still bakes cakes and allways will, but my congrats to those who profit from uber, but you're not Betty crocker.


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The hooters at Jacksonville landing is the worst service I've ever had in the United States, true story.


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Agreed! Jacksonville really needs an investor to come in here and clean the place up. The owner of Jax Landing is a slum-lord that refuses to put any money into cleaning that place up. When people come to Jacksonville they go to Jax landing and it is an embarrassment to the city . It is the last place that I tell any quality people to go.
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