Luggage scratches around the car boot


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What's the best way to fix up all the scratches around the car boot. Do you have to take it to a specialist or can you use the paint touch ups from a car shop like SCA. What are these specialists called, Panel Beaters?


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Depends how deep the scratches are.
You could hit it with some good polish and maybe get most of them out.
Otherwise, there's the touchup guys who will come to you.


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That's the very reason that I load every bag that's going into the boot.
Any scratches, regardless of whose bag it is, is 100% my doing.
And I'd hate to think how many scratches there'd be if the pax loaded the dragged their bags out..

Hope you get your scratches fixed ok..
Btw, touch up paint always looks like... well, touched up paint.
You should get a boot lip protector to prevent more scratches. I've seen them at super cheap auto or Kmart and car dealerships offer them but they're more expensive. But still you'd have to load the luggage yourself, Pax aren't going to bother folding it out


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If its deep and u can see the black (assuming your bumper) then its need to be putty.

If light scratches, you can get scratch remover or cutting compound


If you have any pics of the scratches, please post them, plastic can be repaired to a point, after that its cheaper to replace it, I use meguirs trim and dash restorer on all my plastics, works well for scuffs on the lower door trims that people always rub over with their shoes.