Luggage Capacity of UBERXL

Liek Xi Bong

New Member
May I know what is the luggage capacity for Uber XL? I will be travelling to the airport with my family in total 5 of us with 2 large luggage, 1 medium luggage and a small cabin sized luggage. Is it sufficient to order a Uber XL or 2 UberX would be better?



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Hello, I drive Xl. A ford Explorer with third row. With the third row seats up I can only get two small bags behind the seat and be able to close the back. I have a roof top waterproof cargo bag that I put up when I do the hotel to Airport runs. A hassle but works. Some XL drivers use minivans or larger Suv. It's a hard question to answer becouse you don't know what vehicle will take the request. Could be a Suburban or something smaller but in general most XL vehicles should be able to take your luggage.