Lozano Carwash Sunnyvale thieves


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Took the car for a wash and i had $19 of tip money in the change compartment. I was thinking of taking it out beforw I got out of the car but forgot :frown:.

After it was done, the first I did was checked the compartment and sure enough...it was gone. Talked to Manager who quickly apologized and admitted that maybe one of guys took it and gave a coupon free car wash ..WTF!! . I called the Sunnyvale cops who came out pretty quick but nothing really they can but document it.

Lesson learned and a reminder not to leave valuables inside the car...


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Safeway has a $21 Lozano coupon on the back of their receipts.
I go there once a month, primarily to remove the brake dust from the wheels.
Never had anything stolen, but will exercise caution from now on.


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I usually go to the carwash off Millbrae exit, by the In&Out. I had tips stashed up in the visor. I was surprised it was still there after a carwash. $20 bucks. They do a good job,and I go have lunch while I wait for the car.