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Lower rates, more accurate PAX ratings (Hopefully)

Unless we get tipped, it is totally not worth it to stay logged on after this rate drop.

I am urging everyone here to give an automatic one star to any PAX who does not tip.

As of now, an uber ride will cost a PAX 1/3 of a Taxi fare

Thank you!


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That seems like misplaced anger to me. The problem is with Uber, not with the riders. I'm not going to punish them because the company abuses the drivers.

This was just fun money for me, anyway. I had a couple good weekends and maybe I'll stay activated for when there's big events in town, but it's just not worth it to me to regularly work for slave wages.
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It's not "punishing the riders"

A low rating is actually helping out the next driver. And I feel that we should all help each other out and let the n00bs chase after those low rated PAX.


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I won't give a one star if they don't tip but the minor hassles I will dock their rating for now when I wouldn't before the rate drop. Also taking away the aux cable and my temperature is set to my liking not theirs. If I'm asked if I like driving for Uber I will still say I do but make sure to mention the money sucks and wouldn't recommend anybody driving for Uber.


Interesting how these entitled Uber riders are getting such awesome ride rates and they have the monies to go to nice restaurants and Old Town Scottsdale for overpriced drinks yet can't tip a dollar here or there. I might not give them a one rating but a three or four star rating has been where my finger has been hitting. A tipper gets the FIVE Star regardless of how he acts. I reward those who respect me by tipping.

I also drive for Lyft and have been getting quite a few $5 tips and I don't see it until the next day. Most Lyft riders get a 5 star from me for that reason. If Uber would just give the Rider the option of tipping, we would feel more respected.