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Lower back pain

Discussion in 'London' started by Blueskyplus, Jan 3, 2019.

  1. Naanrr01


    Last year i have start back pain , when i was driving toyota prius, thst pain was swear , even couldn't drive even half-an-hour continue....
    Actual when you sit continue 7 or 8 hours continue in same position... their is a little gap between your body and seats ... in this way your nerve are compressed in between bones or either on your left side , becuase one leg is not move in automatic cars, specially in automatic but mostly people think it is back pain...

    I went to GP and physiotherapist etc etc
    They gave me suggestion for different body exercise but again pain start as i sit in car ans start drive..

    In last i went to another private physiotherapist , he suggest me to put hot water bottle ( buy from Boots store ) in seats to cover that gap which is between body and car seats .
    After that day i get reliefe...
    Than again i start drive
    and i never forget this hot water bottle ... to put in my seat before start my work....
    I think exercise is must for drivers but sometime you can get big reliefe with a one hot bottle water too
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  2. babasanfur


    Any driving job needs at least 4 miles walking daily specially over 40
  3. R.M.Ahmad


    Years ago I had lower back pain and pains on my knees. After adjusting the seat of the van by pushing it a bit backward, the pains on my knees disappeared. For my lower back pain, my doctor gave me strong pain killers but they didn't help at all. By coincidence at that times, I read about medical properties of aloe Vera plant, a few of which I had at that times. I rubbed the flush of Alo Vera on the position of the pain on my lower back. After that the pain disappeared and never came back. In my case my diet also might have something to do with it. I had also arthritis on my left knee. It was very painful. But gradually disappeared.

    To cure from lower back pain as a driver, changing body posture, while driving, may help. For this it may be a good idea to push back driving seat a bit backward and make back support of the seat vertical at 90 degree to the floor of the car. The distance between the body and steering wheel should be long enough for the hands, on the steering wheel, to push back the body against back seat support and keep it vertical most of the times.A soft cushion on the seat and on the back seat support also is advisable.

    Half hour or more hot bath, followed with a good massage on the position of the pain will help a lot. After the bath, cover your body until your temperature returns to normal. Every morning massage your lower back, especially the position of the pain for a few minutes. After that spin your hip slowly and gently about 60 times, 30 times clockwise and 30 times anticlockwise. Keep your body always fully hydrated to detoxify it. by drinking a lot of warm water at least half hour before meals or two hours after your meals.
  4. tatgoog


    I pesonally take CBD in the mornings to deal with the chronic back pain & the results are awesome. Little to no back pain, mood & alertness is great & I am coming off antidepressants and opiods with multiple side effects that I have been on for 8 years. More info here
  5. Jason01


    CBD is great.

    One problem big In the UK is you can't get high enough dose llegally.
  6. renod babek

    renod babek

    I would be very glad to help you get rid of your back pain and depression pdq, if that’s a picture of you in your profile o_O;)
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  7. Yeah!!!
    Me to!!!!
  8. The Ping!

    The Ping!

    Like sotuga say ,your seating position and postures is everything ,as we are seating all the time ,your back must be straight and not bent .look at how bus driver and taxi driver seat and you will see why .
    When seated.
    place both palm on top of your steering wheel,your shoulders should still touch the back of your seat ,if not ,you are too far back.
    When you touch your phone ,ideally yor shoulder should be still in same position.
    I can almost touch my phone while still holding my steering wheel on the 2 o'clock position.
    I have been driving van and since 09 ,uber 3 year so far all good ..touch wood !!.
    When waiting for pax ,get out and stretch if in a safe place to do so . there has been many time when i have do so and they dont turn up on time so i get paid too.
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  9. -JR-


    Be careful with CBD oil.

    In order to be sold legally here in the UK the products must state no THC.

    However trace amounts are contained and can have a noticeable affect on your mental/emotional state.

    This can often improve your wellbeing and outlook but it may compromise decision making in other areas.

    Depending on how you react to THC and depending on how capable you are of noticing changes in yourself.

    I’d caution anyone against driving whilst under the influence of any mood enhancing substance.
  10. Excercise excercise exercise.
    I know its been previously mentioned but I cannot emphasise enough how important it is.

    Your back hurts because it is becoming weak and the muscles are not supporting the spine as it used to.

    Ideally some squats/deadlifts basics heavy movements to build strength/muscle. But if this is not your thing you must do something, so find what you like doing. Swimming/walking/running/squash whatever it is get out and do something to counter the weakening effect of sitting for a long time. Find a way of enjoying it so that it becomes part of your long term routine, not just a little fad. The positive effects of exercise only become apparent with consistency over many weeks and months, one or two workouts is a waste of time.

    Chiropractor, oils, massage etc only treat the symptoms. Fix the cause with exercise.
  11. R.M.Ahmad


    Today CBD oi, tomorrow cannabis plant. The medicine of zombies.
  12. Masfand321


    Those who had back pain made uber so rich loool keep working hard loool
  13. Ruffius


    That's a corrective care chiropractor. Don't go to the GP whatever you do.
  14. voodooman


    You reckon youve got problems ,my next door neighbour after his AD Lee shift [​IMG]

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