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Hi Im from Argentina, July 11 we take an Uber, I recive this mesaje

Tu Uber está en camino. Shahrose (4.8 estrellas) afiliado con SIEBZEHN-NY,LLC (B02888) y despachado por Schmecken B02682 re recogerá en 1 minuto.
He came and drive as between Hotel The Tow and JFK, a few minutes he left as in the airport, we realease that inside the car was our backpack in the front sit.
We call him but never anwser and we couldnt talk whith him .We have to fly 2 hours before,.Now we are in Argentina, we need the bagpack, I call Schmecken, but they have an answering machine, is imposible to talk whith nobody, the phone of driver is (removed)
Please I need a solution
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Did you tip the driver? If you didnt, your backpack is now sitting at the bottom of the Hudson River feeding the fishies.