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Hey everyone,

So I'm really new to UBER and how all of this works.. Late Sunday night a friend of mine called for an UBER pick-up using her account. The ride was great and on-time. But I seem to have made the great mistake of leaving my phone and keys in the driver's car. Is there any chance there is something like a local UBER office that collects lost items? I don't really have an idea of how to get in touch with our driver. Thank you all.


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MUAHAHAHA!!!.....out the window they go....and into the nearest trash bin....

Uber riders are cheap, so I dont expect You or your "friend" to even tip.

If you want to prove us wrong, I suggest you tip the driver (if he returns the stuff) at least $50, if not $100. That will show how appreciative you are.

Im sure you tipped the bartender/waitress a 20% tip for the great service, but did not tip the Uber driver ...YET the ride was "great and in-time"

OK (now that that's off my chest) Here's what you do:

  1. Go to a computer
  2. Have your friend log on to his/her Uber rider account
  3. locate the ride (based on the time u guys took the ride)
  4. copy that trip ID
  5. send that to support-at-uber.com with the details (replace "-at-")
  6. Uber will reach out to driver (maybe ask them to contact rider)
  7. Driver will contact you
  8. You get your stuff back
  9. You tip (I hope generously)
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Thank you for your help. and I always tip for services, especially any kind of ride. I will most definitely be paying him more if the items can be located. Again, thank you for your help.


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When a rider calls me and I find what they have lost, I give them my address and tell them the items will be hanging from my doorknob. If they say they don't have a ride....I tell them to take an Uber...lol!

I've had people call me right away and I've canceled my next trip to return the (if I'm still close) item. Think they'd give me five bucks? Not! One ghetto college girl made me wait 15 minutes the next day and didn't even thank me. Won't happen again!