Looks like cnn is looking into pool


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Great it gets more publicity! Thanks for sharing it.

More work for the class action lawyers, I hope. Uber came up with timeouts as an alternative to account deactivation. We have to report this to the lawyers ASAP and stop the settlement until the timeouts are also reviewed.

Now they are doing it without even notifying you. You may think that you are on line, but the rider app will show you're not. Check it out after you ignore or cancel your next inconvenient ride. Make sure you take the screenshots if it happens. The judge will need to see the evidence.

One of the most unethical, evasive and greediest companies that I have ever seen!
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Thank you for inquiring about pool rides my name is Rajaq and I will be here to assist you today.

Yes it's true pool rides are a wonderful way to meet new people at a discounted rate. And while it might be true did you not really want to pool ride and that Uber does default to it you should know that you are getting the best value in transportation available. Yes we do pay our drivers less on these pool rides but they look forward to it because the pool passengers are always so wonderful and are thrilled that they save a few bucks while tripling the time it takes to get them to their desired location. And yes it is also true that sometimes you get to sit next to a rider that smells bad or cusses like a sailor but that's just for you to be able to take in the whole ambience of the pool ride.

I'm sorry you wanted to make a few stops and the driver wouldn't let you has a pool ride is from point A to point B but now you can express your displeasure by giving your driver and one star. This one star will be with your driver for at least 500 rides so the driver will not get off scot-free. And while this doesn't happen all the time it does happen often and our drivers will pay the price. If this driver get the number of unhappy pool experiences don't worry he will be deactivated because his rating will fall below the minimum amount acceptable by us. I say by us because we're really the only ones that know what that level is.

Again thank you for your inquiry and if you have any other questions please don't hesitate to ask me