Looking for someone's car to drive!

Nuno Abrantes

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I will be in Melbourne for a couple of months and I would like to know if it's common to ride someone's uber car (without renting or buying a car)? If so, which is the best way to find a fair deal?

Thank you very much!



Nuno Abrantes

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Thank you for your advices. If someone with no time to ride is interested in someone to ride one of its cars during a couple of weeks just let me know so we can arrange a fair deal for both parts! Win-win situation!


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I have a car you can drive as a casual rental .
It's a ford falcon LPG
Fully insured for uber usage
You can have that for $60.00/12 hour shift or $120 /24 hour hire ( utilise morning peak and afternoon/ night peak.
Let me know if your interested and we can take it from there.
Afternoon peak?