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Looking for Florida Drivers who were Screwed over with the Leasing Program


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I leased a car thru Uber's Xchange Leasing Program. They never sent a hard tag, Let the car sit for 5 weeks, then repossessed the car and tried to charge me outrageous money to redeem it.

Fast Forward 5 months, My son and I are homeless because I couldn't pay my rent and got evicted. Their "attorney" reached out to me after complaining to Tallahassee and offers me another leasing deal after threatening to counter sue me for fake damage to the car.

I go to pick the new leased car up, only to find out that they never reported the car as Repossessed and its STILL titled in my name 5 months later. My license is now suspended for failure to maintain insurance on a repossessed car.

I want to file a suit against them and I'm looking for other drivers who got screwed over thru their leasing program. They can take their new lease deal and shove it.


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Good luck to you. Xchange lease is terrible. Get a real job so you and your son can be in a better place. I can't imagine a single parent driving 60 hour weeks and taking care of their son


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I'm so sorry to hear of the position that you're in. Uber is nothing but a crooked company. The sooner TK and his cronies are out of business...the better.