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Looking for Advice


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New to the game.... planning on working 4am to 9am and again from 4pm to 8pm, Monday through Friday.... what should I expect?


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Thanks for the heads-up.....just decided to jump right into it. Running Triplog with ODBC device for mileage logging & QuickBooks for expenses/taxes tracking. Doing well, finding my niche and best earning locations.


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Good Friday I figured would be a big day at the airports so for the 1st time in ages, I went to Wendys near PBI and got in the queue. It looked like I was #7 for Lux. Most of the cars are now waiting West of the airport, likely to avoid getting pinged from City Place instead of PBI. What I didn't figure out is that it was an X crowd flying yesterday, not a Lux type of traveler.
I got in the queue at 4:30pm, fell asleep and it was 7 when I woke up. I had missed the dinner crowd. 3 black Lux cars had arrived at Wendys. They parked next to each other and chatted amongst themselves. I left at 7:30, headed home, and got a ping from I-95 for a restaurant run. Go figure.
There must be a lot of ex-cabbies doing Lux, as they seem to be content hanging around for hours, BSing amongst themselves while waiting for the next fare. What a lazy way to make a few (I repeat, few) bucks.


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Cannot agree more . As I wrote in another thread, waiting in queue at the airport for a ride is nonsense and believe me when I say that you cannot, repeat, cannot hide from Uber when it comes to short rides while in queue. They (uber) knows exactly your pattern and the last thing they want is drivers sitting on their hands and not driving. Uber want us (drivers) to drive all the time. That's the name of the game.

Uber_Ray, save your money when it comes to taxes and deductible, the way to go is mileage deductions (mileagex$0.535 for 2107). and I found out to my expense that the miles you count with the QB software dont count. What it does count is the mileage Uber states on their 1099 statement to you. and remember, very few deductibles are allowed, like car wash, GPS and phone holder. Unless, you want an audit that will cost you some additional bucks.
Good luck