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Looking at the rider app to see cars around you


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Is there a point to this. Whenever I have it on it seems delayed to the point of pointless. One second every car is to the left then a min later they are on top of you


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I use it to count the number of other riders. If there’s 5 or more plus me time to move or drive back closer to home.


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Really no need to look at it unless you're a noob at this. Having driven weekends for like 1.5 years I know by now where to get rides and where to find a ton of ants just sitting.


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I used to do that on the Lyft pax app when I started and was developing my strategy and flow. Never tried it on Uber and haven't done it in months.


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I know my hotspots and timing enough to not have to check. It's a dynamic world, its more than likely not accurate anyways.


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I've never got much benefit from trying to navigate around other ants. As others have said... if you move away from one group you'll just find yourself with another group.

I suppose every once in a while it helps me find a secluded hot spot. But that's rare.


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We have several islands in our market (Ft Myers Beach, Sanibel and Marco. All are Resort/ vacation destinations. And there is basically one road on each island that runs from one end to the other. If you don’t watch the riders app it is possible, even likely that you will be in the middle of a pack of drivers and only have a small percentage of the island for yourself. So I watch the app and try to position myself so everything from me to the end of the island is mine


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I don’t think I’ve ever seen less that 8 cars.
So what’s the point of checking?

There’s drivers all around me. I get it.

I just stay on UBER’s good side and the pings keep on coming.


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I live about 4 miles from a casino and start the app at 4am every morning because I often get rides any day of the week from all-nighters at said casino. I also get a lot of early airport runs from certain neighborhoods in and around my home town.

I occasionally use the rider app to see if I am the closest/only driver with any of these options.

And then there's the time when you turn the rider app on, and realize that the car parked next to you is waiting for a ping also.
Well, duh.


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I did this a lot when I first started driving. It’s a dark place to go... I would recommend not doing it as it’s very discouraging. Just drive to places you know are busy and hang out until you get a ping. Too many drivers driving around aimlessly waiting for rides.


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The key is finding a location with few or no cars that also happens to be a hot pickup area. There's often a good reason that certain places have few ants lurking around.


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I only use it now to make absolutely sure I appear on the pax app and that I’m not ghosted.
I think the majority of cars on the rider app are ghosts. I tried and tried to find one of those other drivers but was never able to find one even when I was supposedly right next to them.