Look forward to seeing this for the next 7 months


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implemented summer driving plan....yesterday got lucky a $20 tip and a few others and grossed $100 in 4 hours in the morning so i tried the afternoon and got only $60 in 5 hours and 2 1 stars from pax....just mostly miserable rides.....so today did only 6:45 to 9:15 and grossed $40 and was close to home and just called it a day...


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I've implemented my summer driving plan too. I haven't driven since Ultra.

I think I may try it for a little while this weekend, but I have a dinner to go to on Saturday, so maybe not.


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But how many miles you drove for that
I have found that, since the last pay cut, I have made at least as much as I made before but have put on MANY more miles.

Not happy about it at all.

This leads me to believe there are actually less drivers on the road than there were 6 months ago.

I did 4 rides in a row today that paid less than $4. Don't know about the rest of you, but am seriously considering starting the trip before I pick up the pax and cancelling the trip immediately if it's less than 8 miles. I'm sick of this crap. I bet lots of drivers are and many have quit as a result.
I feel like every week i make less and less and drive the same hours and need to put in more hours and work to make the same. is this a scam and not having promotions lowers income. wtf